About Me


I’m a Software Engineer, working in Manchester City Centre. I graduated Manchester University in 2011 with a First in Computer Science. I’ve been interested in computers since the age of 11. I’ve always been particularly interested in graphics – I wrote my first game when I was 15 (it was rubbish – don’t ask!). This blog is about improving my craft and understanding how and why computers do the things they do.

Outside of the geek stuff, I’m a keen musician. I play just about every form of guitar, I’m a vocalist and I’ve dabbled in percussion too. I play open mic nights around Manchester fairly often, and occasionally I can even be bothered composing my own material. I love to read, particularly High Fantasy. I’m currently trekking through the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan for the third time, followed by a reading list of about 30 books in which Brandon Sanderson and Terry Pratchett feature strongly.

Any more questions? Feel free to ask


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